About me

Born in 1982. It all started in 1989 with an 8088 and a fat book of MS-DOS & GW-Basic. circle() and line() became my most used statements (along with the cursed goto), drawing moire patterns in every imaginable way. This kept going for quite some years.


Sometime in 1996-1997 I discovered the magic of Photoshop which I learned by clicking on everything I could lay my eyes on.

One of the main influnces for me has been 90s demoscene. The works of Future Crew, Orange, Acme, Triton, Fairlight etc(so many to name them all) still amaze me to this day. What this guys did in just a few kBs of compiled code was totally rad!

After tingling with VJ software of the early 2000s every piece came together in 2006 when I discovered Processing programming language, which got me back to my roots of gwbasic, and which is still up to this day my goto language for quickly prototyping ideas up to developing my projects.

Later on I got accustomed with AfterEffects and some Maya 3D, and up to this date I'm still learning new ways of developing my ideas (Touchdesigner, vvvv, Unreal Engine 5)



After Effects
Maya 3D
Ableton Live


PC (duh...)
Kinect for grabbing motion
Projector for projecting everything
Pen Plotter for plotting stuff
Various synths & sequencers for manipulating visuals


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